To Reach cul-de-sac in life.

A friend of mine today said something very deep. “When one lives in a house on a cul-de-sac, one loses count of the cars that drive in close as if about to stop but they all simply make a U-turn and disappear. Coming in close only to turn away - a cul-de-sac teaches you something about life”.

Whole morning I spent in thinking on the lines and realized how a simple truth is hidden inbetween those lines she said yet I failed to realise this truth till today. It’s not just about coming close and take U-turn; it’s reaching the dead end, the end where at that specific moment totality in life is reached, nothing more to add.

We live a life at a place, learn many new things. Slowly it turns into a habitual pattern and we go on repeating the same on and on. The learning, even if it does not stop, it does slow down a lot. With time we are bound to feel trapped and frustrated. It’s always in best interest to come out of the cul-de-sac and go out to learn more. Unless you learn, you cannot grow and finally end up withering away.

While thinking I realized how I am trapped in the cul-de-sac myself currently. My own might not be there but there are so many others I love. I have forged a bonding of love with them that I am unable to break free of them. My heart does not agree. There’s someone I revere like anything and to break all that, I somehow am not able to bring myself to do it. I know now I am trapped in this cul-de-sac of “Relations”, of “Bonding’s of love”.

There are things I know I want to do. I got enough hints from my guru and many other spiritual wise people on the same. But I seem to be living in an illusionary life (maya), which possibly today looks like Heaven to me. Yes it does feel like heaven because today it’s full of love and laughter. Today I have everything, it feels total. Question arises, next what? It’s a simple law of nature that when it’s total there’s nothing to add more. I realize it more that I have reached cul-de-sac!!!

Maybe, it’s time now to start a new journey, to take the U-turn and get out of this cul-de-sac. I know it’s going to be very painful. But then it’s also true that when you accept pain without any fear of rejection, it’s no longer a pain. It’s quality changes and is filled with a new energy.

One should not stay in a cul-de-sac, should get out of it else we would never grow!!!

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  1. Dear Friend,

    Really appreciate your article.
    May god bless you with necessary wisdom and strength to walk gracefully along your path!

    Love and Blessings