Kundalini - Part - 4 - Kundalini Awakening & Benefits

Awakening the Kundalini needs a Sadguru. It should never be done just by reading through texts or written guidance. By reading the scriptures or explanations from those who have experienced it, you can get to know what it is. But to overcome the difficulties and dangers in this vidya needs personal guidance from a sadguru.

Our Kundalini energy system is more active on Ida and Pingala Nadi. Prana, the energy force flows in these two nadis and also other nadis of our body. The first step in awakening kundalini is to balance the energy flow in both Ida and Pingala by making sure equal amount of energy flows in both the nadis. We experience the same when our breath flows evenly through both the nostrils. This balancing helps in centering the energies which is the aim in kundalini awakening. With the help of yoga this can be accomplished.

When this balancing is done and energy is centered, it flows through the Sushumna Nadi, the central channel. Energy now flows upward through Ida on left, Pingala on right and Sushimna in the center. Ida and Pingala meet at the Ajna/Agya chakra, placed at the space between the two eyebrows named as Mukta Triveni. Ida rests on the left side of the space while Pingala on the right side.

In meditation this point between the two eyebrows are very important as two major prana energy are converging here. By concentrating between the two eyebrows and meditating helps in balancing the two energies. This is even referred to in Gita (Chapter 5, 27). Thus by meditating upon this point and balancing the two prana energies results in the energy (prana) flow in the Sushumna nadi. Awakening of Sushumna Nadi is achieved thus. With regular meditation, prana flow in thee Sushumna nadi is sustained more.

Prana flowing in the Sushumna nadi brings in lot of peace. A feeling of tranquility comes which is very alluring. This should not be confused with Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening is much more powerful. At this stage when attention is more inwards, you start getting disconnected from the external world, finding more peace and happiness in the internal world. This is the stage now to practice for pointed concentration and non-attachment.

When balancing of prana flow is done, next step is awakening of kundalini. This can be achieved through different means, yoga, mudras, meditations, or even through mantras. It all depends upon your guru which path to be taken.  And when this stage is attained, as my guru says, “It’s a state of complete bliss. It’s a state of tranquility, serenity, contentment and supreme happiness.


Chakras, Nadis & Caduceus 
When taken from spiritual angle, this is essential to get connected to the ultimate divinity. It helps in enlightenment and thus helps in realizing the absolute truth. This awakening of Kundalini is not related to just hinduism. This is the basis of meditation in every religion. Unless you attain that state, connecting to the absolute truth, the divine, is never possible.

Scientifically too, the yoga behind different stages of kundalini awakening helps a human body medically. Balanced flow of prana in the nadis is bound to charge the blood with oxygen. This results in body filling up with abundant energy, which in turn can help in fighting out many illnesses. Imabalances and disorders of vata, pitta and kapha are automatically eliminated. This helps in fighting even serious diseases like heart ailment, cancer, and diabetes. In short, a person becomes complete healthy besides life becoming more serene and calm.

Caduceus of Medicine: Caduceus, the symbol of medicine is a perfect example showing how medicine and Kundalini are closely interconnected. The caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and is carried by the Greek god, Hermes. Together, Ida and Pingala form the snakes of the caduceus, while Sushumna forms the staff. The snakes intersect at the chakras, as do the nadis described earlier. At the ajna chakra, between the eyebrows, there are two petals, one on either side, just as there are two wings at the top of the caduceus. The caduceus is nothing but a symbol of the entire system of kundalini shakti.

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