Anahad Nada, Anahat Nada - Aum!

Anahad Nada, we hear about it in different religion. Sabad Brahamm in Hinduism tells lot about it, Sufis also talk about the same, even Buddhists, and Gurus of Sikh religion also has explained the same. There’s “Anahat” and “Anahad”, I was always confused as to which one is correct or is it both represent the same. Finally during one of my discussion with a Swamiji at Belur Math, I asked him the question and ended getting some great knowledge on sounds, especially the cosmic sound.

Anahat and Anahad words are different, they convey two different meaning.

Anahat = An + Aahat. An = no, Aahat = Sound produced by two things striking. Hence “Anahat” means sound produced by “Not striking two things”.

Anahad = An + Hada. An = No, Hada = Boundary. Hence it’s a sound which has no boundary, no limit.

Though meanings are different, some call it anahat while some anahad. It’s the cosmic sound which we know as “Aum”. Anahad is a term which has been used a lot by the sufi saints while we in Hinduism use the word anahat more while referring to the cosmic sound.

Aum or Om, it’s the sound on which everything in this universe rests. In Hinduism it is referred to as symbol of Brahman, one who has the ultimate knowledge. This sound is infinite, anahad. It is immortal, always there and not produced by striking or beating, hence anahat.

Nada is sound and Aum is the first vibration of sound. Whatever our conscious mind might tell us or show us, every word that we speak, ends with Aum. Every sound we hear, be it in the market place, sound of rivers & waterfalls, machines, animals, musical instruments, it is all manifestation of Aum. It’s all-pervading just like the Brahman. Aum is the Nada Brahman, the source of everything. It refers to both Nirguna and Sadguna. It runs through our prana thus pervading our life.

As its given in our Upanishad; Brahman, that which our Vedas tells us to be our goal, which all who are pursuing spiritual life aim for, is nothing but “Aum”.

Aum, it is made of three letters – A, U and M. Try saying them and you’ll realize how these three letters cover all ranges of sound which comes out when we speak. A, the sound touches nothing. It simply flows out after arising from the root. Pronounce U, the sound arise from the root but rolls up to the palate then flows out. M, this is produced by closing the lips. Thus its evident, AUM, all sounds are centered here.

Reflect on Aum, Meditate on Aum, it’ll give you immense peace and happiness. You’ll be enveloped by a bliss which will keep you ever happy.

This Om track below is one I listen to whenever I feel disturbed. It calms me down. The track has something which makes you feel vibrations!

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