Gyanganj or Siddhasram - The Land of Immortals

Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansa
Gyaanganj is an invisible ashram hidden from normal human eyes and is known as the land of the immortals. Many believers say that this is the heavenly kingdom that shapes our destiny.

I asked Baba, so is there a secret territory in our center, which in most probability escaped all geographical observations? A place that provides the perfect environment and opportunities for spiritual evolution, a place where thousands of wise beings immortal and perfect plan the evolution of the human race, or rather, of all sentient beings? In the deep earth, is such a place an empirical reality or just bad science fiction?

On my prodding Baba then explained to me about Gyanganj, he first said yes he did visit the place few times and he was taken there by two other siddhas. Gyanganj exists on a different level, a higher dimension. But, yes, on a gross level it has a location parallel in known places on earth. Yes such a place do exist, camouflaged and in seclusion, and is accessible to only siddhas. It is not heaven on earth, but a mystical kingdom that guards the most sacred and ancient teachings of the world, including the Kalachakra (Wheel of Time).

Ordinary human beings with little or no spiritual development cannot enter this realm. Only the highly developed yogis and sadhaks can enter this realm in their causal and physical body. And they are taken there by siddhas who are already dwelling there in Siddhasram (One of many names of Gyanganj). Gyanganj exists on three planes, physical, divine and spiritual. And the enlightened souls too exist on three levels – Causal, Greater Causal and Ultra Spiritual. They possess the ability to easily transcend all the three levels, and those Ultra Spiritual ones living in their causal body, have the power to appear in their physical body too.

In that land, words and voice are not needed for communication. In Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para levels only intent is enough to communicate. In Gyanganj, if a great man looks at you, you can feel his intent and the message that he wants to convey. Using the computer jargon his intents are instantly decoded and you get to know what he is trying to say. Actually if the developments in present day science are to be compared with the level of developments in Gyanganj, they stand nowhere. Most of the science is involved in three dimensional worlds but in Gyanganj the yogis are working on the fourth dimension as well. Today’s science has learnt the art of creating energy from an atom but they don’t know how to create atom from that energy. In Gynaganj there are
technologies that are referred to as Surya Vigyan and Chandra Vigyan. According to the basic principle of Surya Vigyan, the core of every material is composed of Sun rays, and by changing the ratio of sun rays you can change the property of that material. Rose can be converted into Marigold. By concentrating sun rays, matter can be created in vacuum. It is from Gyanganj that Vishudhanandji learned Surya Vigyan. Vishudhananda have stayed many times in Gyanganj where he learned Surya Vigyan or solar science. The Surya Vigyan gave him the power to manifest objects or transform one object into another by manipulating the sun's rays. You have read Autobiography of Yogananda, there he describes his meeting with Vishudhananda in Calcutta and witnessing his feature to create any kind of scent in the air on request. This he used to do with the use of his Surya Vidya.

All the great souls of our time and the times gone by who left their physical bodies are living in Gyanganj in their causal body. Great saints like Shirdi’s Sai Baba, Nanga Baba, Sant Gyaneshwar, Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj, and many others are living in Gyanganj. They keep appearing in the subconscious of Sadhakas and other blessed souls and telepathically direct them to perform deeds that are helpful to the humanity. Every other great sadhakas in this world do visit Gyanganj once or many times to gain more knowledge. Why did Jesus Christ need to visit Tibet and Himalayas? Was it just to meet the sadhus of Himalayas as mentioned or was there more to it?

So where exactly is this Gyanganj? They allocate the region in the north of Kailash-Mansarovar in Tibet. It covers an area of several square kilometers and is full of lakes of clear water. In Tibet, this legendary land of spiritual enlightenment is known as Shambala, a Sanskrit term for the Tibetan means "the source of happiness." There is a drawbridge that connects Gyanganj to our world. At the end of this drawbridge there is a device that allows lifting when required. This device is used by means of Surya Vigyan, only those who are adept in this knowledge can use it. There are many other places, scattered in India on gross level, the land of Gyanganj. The area of the River Alaknanda is one such place. The riverbed of Mandakini is also very mysterious: spiritual giants through the ages have lived here and is considered at gross level of Gyanganj. The entire region from Rishikesh to Kailash and Yamunotri to Nandadevi is the land of the siddha. In Bihar, many siddhas attend the mountain of Giridhkoot. The Nilgiris and Srisailam in south India are also known as a haven of secrets and considered to be part of Gyanganj. The hills of Arunachala in Tamil Nadu, where Ramana Maharishi created his ashram, that’s another land of siddha and at gross level of Gyanganj. In the west, Girnaur saw the activity of siddha. The Indians, of course, does not have a monopoly on Gyanganj. People from other parts of the world live there, including many Tibetan lamas and many even from Greece.

Proof by other saints and books about Gyanganj:

In India, this secret, sacred land is known as Gyanganj or Siddashram. References to Gyanganj or
ashram secrets can be found in Hindu scriptures such as the Ramayana of Valmiki and the Mahabharat. Guru Nanak called it Sach Khand. Even our Upanishad has mention of Gyanganj. Closer to our time, Paramahansa Yogananda, in his celebrated "Autobiography of a Yogi" writes of the encounter with the guru of gurus, Mahavatar Babaji, an immortal of long age who appears increasingly young and still living in the Himalayas. Babaji has also appeared in some other advanced research and is said to be connected with Gyanganj.

To understand the story of Gyanganj, best is to read the writings of Gopinath Kaviraj, a former dean of the State University of Sanskrit in Benares. Kaviraj wrote a book called Siddahbhoomi Gyanganj, which was translated from Bengali into Hindi and published by Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan. The main source of information Kaviraj was his guru, Swami Vishudhananda, a Bengali who moved to Benares. It is believed that Vishudhanandaji had stayed for a long period in Gyanganj where he learned Surya Vigyan or solar science. Different books about Yogirajadhiraj Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansadeva, tells in details about his talks on Gyanganj and all the visits he made there besides the knowledge he gained.

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, an astrologer-tantric- guru based in Jodhpur who published Mantra- Tantra Yantra Vigyan, a monthly Hindi, says he did his sadhana in Siddhashram, where his name was Nikhileshwarananda. That's where he acquired his occult powers. Later his guru in Siddhashram told him they wanted him to return to his family life and help in spreading the wisdom of Siddhashram. 


  1. Informative and clarify the mean of siddhiashram and gyanganj keep it up good job.

  2. Informative and clarify the mean of siddhiashram and gyanganj keep it up good job.