Meeting the Yogi, experience can never forget.

Many a times I have wandered into the Himalayas especially in Himachal and Uttarakhand. As you go along deeper and higher, if you are lucky, you get to meet yogis who are busy doing “Tapasya” here. On one such a trip I was passing Manali and going upward, away from all civilization when I reached an area where I could see no human dwelling. Suddenly my eyes fell upon a youth coming out of a cave sort on the hills. From him I got know that a hermit was doing meditation in the cave there and he has been sitting there in meditation for last more than six days. I realized he was in Samadhi, so without disturbing the hermit, I walked over to the cave gave my salutations and walked off. His face was serene and bright! After few days when I was on my way back, I decided to come through the same spot. After roaming around and hit and trail, I could finally find the place. On reaching I was informed the hermit is out of his Samadhi. He was in that state for more than 10 days. I decided to pay him a visit and take his blessings. Here are some parts of the conversation I had with the hermit. The glow and aura he spread, it was something I would want to be covered with always!!

On his going into Samadhi and staying without food and all for so many days:-

Politics, dharam, education, science, medicine, they are all for the betterment of human beings. Yog, sadhana, tapasya, even they are for betterment of humans. And today if I went into Samadhi, there’s nothing big about it. Anyone can do it if they follow this path of yogi truthfully.

It is possible to live without food or water. Our Rishis from old times have done it. Man has too much ahankar (ego pride) inside him. He thinks he is doing sadhana. He does not realize the truth, that it’s the one above who is making you perform the acts. Try staying without water or food for days. You’ll not be able to carry on. But when you are into sadhana or Samadhi, you don’t even realize hunger or thirst. How is that possible unless it’s the divine one above who is helping you in your path! It’s not me or that I am doing. It is the Great One who is helping me as I am trying to follow a path which would take me near him.

On today’s state of affairs when it comes to spiritualism:-

In this country, in this Himalaya itself, there’s everything you want to learn on spiritualism. You’ll find many yogis here whom the world is not even aware of. You can learn a lot from them. You can find men with vast knowledge and learn from them but that culture is slowly eroding, and with it that knowledge is also getting lost. The sad part today is that we don’t get to see many men who want to really find the absolute truth. The youth of our country is more into worldly attractions and have no time at all for god. Maya envelops a person. One needs to escape from that. This is the reason why I decided to come here for tapasya. Unless I myself do tapasya and sadhana, I have no right to pass the knowledge to others and uplift them.

Goodness happens in the world only when good people take the initiative to think and meditate upon god, gain the knowledge and then pass the same to other ignorant ones.

Creation is vast, infinite! In this creation, there are three types of people: Satvic, Raajasic and Taamasik. Today in this world like always, evil and god both are going together. In society dharmik and adharmik people both have existed always. Those guided by evil in this world have always tried to harm people who follow dharama. But God’s grace is always there on people who follow dharma. Satyamev Jayate, truth always wins.

It will slowly be proved that astrology, tantra, vastu etc, whichever science existed in Sanathana dharma, it is all for the good of humanity. But there is no path more beautiful than that of Sadhana and devotion towaras God.

On my inquisitiveness about other yogis present in Himalayas:-

There are many yogis here who are pursuing divine path. They do sadhana and some are here for years. None are even aware of their age. When I came here and was roaming around looking for divine help, I found many ready to help me. It was like some divine force showed me the path to them all. So many times I had travelled those areas, never did I see them or had any knowledge about their presence. But moment when I decided on the path of my life, I reached them all.

With blessings from many of my gurus dwelling in this Himalayas, highly enlightened ones, I could learn many vidyas (wisdom knowledge). I also feel there are some vidyas which are really not good anymore for the current society. It’s in the favour of society and human race that we renounce those vidyas. Tantra sadhana is something we should follow. But there are some tantra vidyas which are not good for human race. Many are using it for wrong means. Those should be banned by the enlightened ones. Tamsik tatva needs to be protested upon. Though Raajasik, Satvik and Tamsik, all three virtues in human being are equal, but none can deny Satvik virtue is the absolute true path. So we need to follow the Satvik path to reach parmatma (God).

His advice to me:-

What is Dharama? It’s treading the path of truth, finding the truth and stand strongly on this path of truth. The vitues inside us, satya, tyaag, sneh, prem, karuna, vatsalya, they are all given to us by the creator. When we tread along a path with these human emotions, blessings from God automatically shower on us. The irony of Bhakts through all ages has been that they had to go through lot of hardships and pains in their life. They have to face adharmik people in society, face even those people who behave like dharmik but in reality are not so. Lot of pains might come into your life. You’ll need to stay strong and make sure not to leave the path of Dharma. Follow the true path, you’ll get to know the supreme and even find him.

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