Shaktipat and Kundalini Awakening

Earlier we have discussed Kundalini Awakening [LINK]. This can be done through different methods like Hata Yoga, Kriya Hoga, Tantra, Mantra etc. Kundalini remains dormant in every individual. For self-realization, awakening of kundalini is must. As it awakens, it goes up passing through all the chakras [LINK] and opening them.

One of the methods of awakening kundalini is Shaktipat. Other method of awakening kundalini takes years of sadhana but by shaktipat it can be done at a short span of time. Here the Sad Guru passes his energy to the student and helps awakening his kundalini. Just as you use a lighted candle to light another one, Sad Guru transfers his spiritual energy to the seeker and helps awakening his kundalini. The seeker needs to be ready for it with full devotion, surrender and faith. The seeker needs to be sincere and true, only then shaktipat works. The Guru would act as a medium to grace the seeker. After this awakening the seeker need to practice meditation, yoga or other practices to help raise the kundalini through all the chakras.

Once kundalini is awakened it usually never goes back to dormant state. It now helps the seeker on spiritual path by providing necessary encouragement and protection. Self-realization is the ultimate desirable state for any sadhak and kundalini awakening helps there. Besides that it also helps in purifying the body and mind. Seeker achieves peace and mental control. Irregularities in the functional of prana cause body ailments and mental restlessness. Kundalini awakening helps in eradicating that and the seeker becomes stronger, both mentally and physically. He can take upon adversities in life with great poise.

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