Need for us to read Gita - Part - 2

We all follow Gita. We ask all to do the same. Why do you think it’s really so important to follow Gita. What is the real reason for us to read Gita?

Gita is the lesson Lord imparted Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He shows Arjun the path to dharma. He tells in details why and how he needs to keep all “asaktis” (the deep attachments), away and take the path of dharma.

Life we all are leading in this mortal world is nothing short of another Kurukshetra war. We too are at war, not with people but in war with the Maya arising out of attachments. This maya brings in many other evils like kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), eersha (jealousy), ahankar (ego). The aim of path to truth is to remove all these vices and instill dharma inside us. We all feel we do are dharmik. But the truth being, unless the evils and vices are removed from our life, dharma cannot take its place inside us in true sense. With any of the vices present inside us, we are not true Dharmik.

Gita lessons and following the same helps in clearing all vices. It helps in instilling dharma inside us. It helps us to get rid of the maya that is always present in attachments. Only then we can follow true dharma.

Lord imparted this knowledge to Arjun ages back so that he can follow the path of dharma. Today the same lesson is as relevant to us all as it was that day for Arjun.

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