Anulom Vilom and Nadi Shuddhi.

Anulom Vilom is a breathing exercise which can purify our body and mind both. It is called as the alternate nostril breathing. This breathing exercise balances the Ida and Pingala Nadi, imbalance between the two is the cause of many ailments in our body.

Right nostril breathing activates the Pingala Nadi. It is associated with Sun Energy and is masculine and relates to alertness and activity. This nostril breathing is associated with body’s heating energy.

Left Nostril Breathing activates the Ida Nadi. This is associated with Moon energy. It’s feminine and relates to calmness and relaxation. Left nostril breathing is associated with cooling energy of the body.

In our body these two energies are always in conflict. Thus causing restlessness and ill-health! With help of Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) we can harmonise them. Balancing Ida and Pingala removes all blockages in the pranic energy channels, thus leading to spiritual awakening.

How to Do:
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • Hold your right nasal with thumb.
  • Breathe in from left. Breath in to the lungs.
  • Now open right nasal and close left nasal with middle and ring finger and breathe out from right nasal.
  • Staying in the same above position, breathe in from right nasal. 
  • Next, close right nasal and open left and breathe out and in from left nasal. Carry so on and on.

Keep in mind to breathe into lungs and not to stomach. No organ in stomach absorbs oxygen. Do it slowly. Rest when you feel tired and begin again. Do it maybe 5 minutes daily.

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