The Path to Ultimate Truth

External world is always changing. If the external world keeps changing, then the real Truth is not to be found there. Sand changes to form bricks, they in turn form house. Our utensils are made from metals who take different forms at different level. Form changes yet we call them differently though they all are made of the same material of universe.

What about senses, do they help us in attaining the Truth? When the external world changes our senses have a tendency to see and feel only a limited version of the same. Eyes can see a limited world; ears can hear limited things and so on. Our senses do provide useful information in this journey of truth but its inadequate and limited information. Hence the eternal Truth or the absolute truth cannot be gained from them.

Different Yog Sutras tell us, it’s the mind which helps. But this mind is in itself the most limited one. It is like clouded by a dense fog always. Our own mental conditioning's, habits, thoughts, spiritual ignorance, they all form a foggy cloud, thus not letting us see or understand anything clearly. A clouded mind is the reason why we completely miss the points regarding spiritual path teachings and method.

Clouded mind is the biggest problem in this path of attaining ultimate Truth and this need to be cleared. And the first step to this is to accept the fact that your mind is clouded. Unless we accept this fact we can never work towards taking action to find remedy.

Next we need to train ourselves to be consciously more observant, do a better job of discriminating, and to repeatedly go over the same basics of meditation, contemplation and communing with the Divine. You experience or not, go on doing it in disciplined manner. This means doing the same simple practices, reading the same books, and listening to the same explanations, over and over, and not always looking for something new around every curve in the road.

With time this sufficiently cleans out the clouds in our mind. You start getting the experience and now when we carry on with the process; we start understanding more clearly the path our past great sages showed us. And thus we can finally reach the goal we have set out for, the Ultimate Truth.

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