Gita ka Mahatva (Importance of Gita in our life) - Part - 1

Gita means Atam ka geet. Aatma geet is Gita.

Gita has a chinmay roop. Chinmay meaning - one of pure thoughts! Gita literally is the supreme one. It’s not just a religious book. Many mahatma have seen Gita as a light. Gita is “Jyoti Roop”. Where Gita is read and prayed upon, god shows itself, God is said to stay at such places. God visits places where pure bhakts of Gita are there. When you are covered with the veil of Maya, he won’t show himself. He’ll also face difficulty in reaching the place. Impure thoughts and Maya are two obstructions for The Supreme to reach that place.
But the shlokas of Gita carry so much power that it can convert the thought process. It helps in the process of purifying the mind and also frees you from Maya. Daily Gita Paath gets a person the blessings from different Gods and Mahatmas.

Gita is Brahma gyaan. When a sadhak follows Gita, he gets to know the deep inner meaning of what Lord Krishna is trying to tell, and that helps the sadhak to attain moksha. He gets to realize his inner self. One who wants to get mukti from this materialistic world, Gita acts like a ship to help him cross this big ocean.

Tasmatmayi Gita, Sarvo gyaanprajo Gita,
Sarva Shashtra Sarbhuta, Vishudhasa Vishishate.

Gita is sarvagyaan pradayani, meaning it imparts all knowledge. It’s above all shashtras present in the universe, and it’s Vishudha (Pure). There’s nothing equivalent to Gita.

A sadhak need to study Gita as long as he is there, till he gets the mukti. One who studies Gita with Bhakti and purity, they get to imbibe the knowledge of all the Vedas and other shashtras. One who keeps Gita always in his inner self, he becomes a true yogi. He is the only one who can walk along the path of truth with purity and finally attain moksha.

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