Real Meaning behind Raas Leela.

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Krishna was loved immensely by gopis. The love gopis felt for Lord was not carnal it was Divine love. The love for Sri Krishna was so strong that gopis forgot all about their worldly chores. The gopis were totally merged in the love of god through the practice of constant remembrance.

The dance symbolises the soul's unceasing struggle to break clear of the constraints of the body, to make contact with the supra-reality it sees out there.

There are three popular ways to reach god, Gyan Yoga (knowledge), Karma Yoga (Work) and Bhakti Yoga (prayers). The combination of all three is Raas-Leela.

In a raas, you praise various virtues of god. You sing song praising him. This gives you glimpses of his divinity. Just as in a class room students hear the same what teacher speaks. This is Gyan Yoga.

While dancing, you co-ordinate movement of the body to the tune of the music. That’s Effort, Karma Yoga. This effort is required to be in tune with god.

While dancing and singing, you come in tune or harmony with god. You are singing in praise of god, your dancing is attributed to god. You enjoy while doing the same as you love the same. That’s Bhakti Yoga.

Raas Leela is also play of soul with nadis (gopis).

Vridavan forest here denotes our thoughtless mind, where no crowd of thought is present and there are flowers of hidden desires and visions. In such a state, the God and shakti perform the eternal dance of creation and destruction. Krishna here denotes the supreme soul and Radha is Para-shakti, and the gopis are 3 gunas, 5 tatwas and other such elements. The Raas is the manifestation of universe by Krishna with the help of these eternal elements

Thus a Raas Leela which is attributed to Lord Krishna and Gopis of Vrindavan is a land-mark in the field of worshiping.


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