AUM - What it represents!

~AUM ~ 

"Om" has evolved to become~ I AM . AUM represents this sound in its fullness from creation to eventual destruction.

~ “A” represents beginning, start and emanation of the universe and life. A is an open sound formed with open lips and it resonates in the front of the mouth. It represents creation.

~“U” is produced from the back of the mouth with closed lips. It represents the sustenance of the universe and it is the middle between creation and destruction.

~ “M” is produced with closed lips and it resonates forward in the mouth and buzzes throughout the head. It represents the ending, destruction, and death of life and the universe.

After "M" is 'silence" which is the transcendental state of mind, where non-duality is experienced as being is no longer disconnected. Super conscious mind predominates in this state and it is similar to what is often called cosmic consciousness.

~ “sound produced without striking.”~

~ It is an unstruck sound, which unlike ordinary audible sounds is not produced by two things striking one another.

The hand strikes the guitar strings to produce sound, the wind brushes against leaves producing a rustling sound, the saxophonist’s lips press against the reed to produce a musical sound, or the most obvious the drum stick strikes the drum. The unstruck sound occurs without a striking force, as vibrational atoms of the universe produce this sound through their pulsating “dance,” which is the sound of the primal energy of the universe.

AUM represents this sound in its fullness from creation to eventual destruction

~ AUM ~ 'OM' symbolically connects the individual to the cosmos through a sound that represents all aspects of the creative energy from its inception to destruction. The hidden sound of silence hints at transcendent awareness hidden from conscious awareness through egoism and illusionary nature of the phenomenal world.

Creation-sustenance-destruction are part of one continuum, not separate processes. Destruction is necessary for creation.

AUM ~ became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans;
AMIN of the Moslems
AMEN of the , Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians

In Egyptian times it was ~ Om Amun Ra . ~ ~"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha"

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