Guru Purnima Salutations - Guru Devotion.

On Guru Purnima today I am far off from my Guru and that do makes me feel bad. More as till date I never missed being with my Guru on this special day.

Feeling sad for being away from Guru, is that what Guru devotion means? Does Guru Devotion means being beside that person and do chore for the guru? Those form small part of Devotion. Guru Devotion means to surrender to the Guru completely and follow whatever she/he asks us to do. No, that does not amount to being a slave. When we surrender ourselves to a Sad-Guru, we knowingly surrender ourselves to that spiritual person who is now going to train us to imbibe the Ultimate Knowledge. Questioning his authority, retaliating back, forgetting his instructions, they all show lack of Devotion.

Real Guru Devotion is about developing our spiritual qualities by following the Guru’s instructions, by not let go of our commitments towards Guru. Guru devotion is about keeping our promises and doing our sadhanas at all cost. Guru devotion is about not harming another person, being very kind to others. And this Guru devotion leads in attaining kindness, commitment and clarity in our natural state of mind.

Guru never asks for anything from us other than being dedicated and committed to the lessons he teaches us in the path to Nirvana. For a Sad-Guru this is the ultimate Gurudakshina! And on this Guru Purnima I pray, I am able to fulfill and follow every lesson or instruction that my Guru asks from me. 

स्थावरं जंगमं व्याप्तं यत्किंचित्सचराचरम्
तत्पदं दर्शितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

Salutation to the noble Guru, who has made it possible to realise Him, by whom all that is - sentient and insentient, movable and immovable is pervaded.

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