Expectations and Disappointments

In our life we are bound by many relations. Some just acquaintance while some friends, few close friends and then there’s family with whom we share blood relation. Most people say it’s the blood relations who are the closest. But they fail to take into account the relation between a husband and wife. It’s one of the strongest bonds yet there exists no blood relation.

Friends’ family, all these relations are good to have in life. They form your support system. But they can be the reason for your unhappiness. I hear people saying always, don’t keep any expectations from anyone and you’ll never be disappointed. But in reality is that even possible? Any relation, how so ever close or far, is bound to carry some expectations. And the moment that expectation gets hit, you feel disappointed and unhappy. This is true in every relation.

This is one of the main reasons why people on a spiritual journey many a times end up renouncing all connections and relations. They take sannyasa to pursue the path of spiritualism. Cause now you no more keep any expectation. Your sole friend and relation is none but God.

Relationships, near, far, blood or any other, they bring expectations into your life which in turn is the main cause of unhappiness.

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