Thought process do have direct link to Healthy Life.

I have heard from many spiritual books and gurus about immortal being present in the Himalayas. Our scriptures tell in details about immortal souls like Bhairav, Hanuman, Ashwatthama and many such siddhas. How can I forget Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj, who is said to be still there in the Himalayas, immortal, and do come to our aid when one surrenders to him.

Many modern research aimed at investigating aging process and death have also come to a conclusion on basis of research done till now, that aging is more of a disease and death not an inevitable process. Gradual reduction of body organs causes aging and finally death. If the process of cell renewal is kept intact human being can be kept not just alive but also healthy for long period. Death is not something I have ever thought of negatively. But keeping healthy till the last day of my life, not to lose the active life at old age, fighting fatal diseases be it in any age, that’s what has always kept me thinking deeply.

When you read old scriptures, you get to see how rishis and sages took help of many fruits, herbs and chemicals to keep themselves rejuvenated. We know well our whole system is nourished by blood which provides oxygen to each and every cell of our body. Oxygen and other fluids, especially the hormone secretion, keep consciousness of our body. Our thoughts and emotions helps in secretion of majority of hormones which control body’s metabolic process. So logically speaking, our own thoughts and emotions are responsible for a healthy body. Hence we can conclude that if we keep our thoughts positive, maintain a disciplined diet, we can be active for a long period of time. Good thoughts and emotions, thus, play a big role in keeping our body healthy.

To Control Thought Process, it’s still not a possibility. But definitely, to me it looks like there’s some power in our emotions and thought process which can connect to the purest form of life, the genes. This knowledge is probably known best by our yogis. Our researchers have already started making changes to the chromosomes. But with millions of chromosomes that would be needed to change to bring a healthy life, this is really a daunting task. But in our yoga and spiritual teachings, all this knowledge is already available. We can always get started with our emotions and thought process to get a healthy life. If by keeping our thoughts positive and bold, we can force our glands to secrete only the hormones that help in rejuvenating & regenerating body cells; this in itself can help lot. Regeneration of cells plays the major role in keeping us healthy. Any disease can be fought back if this regeneration of cells can be practiced.

This is just what all our scriptures, be it from any religion, tells us. Think good, think positive, keep your mind pure with healthy thoughts. 

I think thought process & emotions actually has a direct link to our very metabolic system scientifically.

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