Science and God.

It has come to my thoughts many a times, how come science could not find God even after doing so many researches? I realized the reason much later. Science states our world started after the big bang. But what about the time period before this big bang? What science is yet to do is to study the forces of life, the Consciousness!

Saints of every religion and era took the path to study this very force, the force which was there even before this universe came into being, which is ever present and above all. This force we call as Consciousness, it’s the supreme force. Study and deep knowledge of this force led them to the conclusion that do exist a force, the Reality (God) who is the source of all creations.

We know about gaseous exchange happening inside our body within cells. Same happens even with salt and water exchange. What is interesting is the fact that the cells know when the level is reached that the exchange be done. There is no conscious thought on part of the cell to do it yet it happens. Similarly there are many more millions of such activities happening, which science knows about happening, but none really follow any conscious thought to let that happen. To me it seems there’s some all-pervading energy, all pervading consciousness which supports many such mechanisms of life.

When I read through our mythology and spiritual books, I found many yogis have done impossible things with respect to human endurance. To do sadhana covered with earth, under water, to stop breath and even heart for specific period of time, all this have been done and even scientifically recorded with medical fraternity even recognizing these feats.

The shell of ego around us can be broken and let ourselves merge into spiritual knowledge, which is around us in abundance. This lets you to merge with the Divine force, the Consciousness. Our ancient saints and yogis followed this and found the truth about this force, what we call as God. Just as we need to plunge ourselves deep down under the ocean to find the pearls, same we need to look deep inside us to find this pearl, the Spiritual Consciousness. And that will finally let us see the truth, the ever present God.

I am sure one day even science would get to find conclusive proof to the same. Personally I feel both will come to the same point one day. The day science starts its study into the inner world of consciousness; they’ll surely arrive at the Truth! 

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