Nidhivan - Vrindavan!

Nidhivan is one of the most significant and popular temples of Vrindavan. It is termed as Madhuvan also. Swami Haridasa, a divine saint who was the very cause of appearance (advent) or Prakatya of Lord Banke Bihari at this renowned Nidhivana, used to please Lord Bankey Bihari by pouring the melodious rapture of his thrilling music in the periphery of this spiritual temple. It is surrounded with small-sized trees. So to say, it is a spiritually blessed temple where spontaneous overflow of devotion and penance flows every time.

As a result of Swami Haridasa's hard penance and spiritual aspiration, Lord Banke Bihari not only came in his dream but appeared also in this spiritually blessed Nidhivan. Popular belief is Radha-Krishna still visit Nidhivan in Vrindavan.

A very mysterious conception is associated with this temple.
After the sacred evening Aarti, no one can remain in the periphery of this temple. In case anyone remains during night in the compound of the temple, he/she is not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of the lord Radha-Krishna. It is said that the priest puts two toothbrushes, some holy water in a jug with four sweets (Laddoo) and ready bed after Aarti in the night. And in the morning all the items look as if someone has used it. Popular belief is that Radha Krishna who are known as Priya Priyatam appear at night to perform their spiritual activities (Lilas).

Many worth-watching spots are there in this temple. These spots contain the spiritual mystery of the Lord Radha Krishna. There is a Samadhi of Swami Haridasa, The Radha Rani temple, The Sacred Well of Radha Rani and The Appearance Place of Lord Bankey Bihari.

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