Sadhak's Conflicts, Confusions & Pains

All souls do not experience the same degrees of blind involvement with Primordial nature and the physical realm. Many souls remain partially awake and retain memories of their prior, more conscious states.

They may experience confusion and frustration when they are unable to assume and maintain a state of clarified awareness because of a cloud like veil that blurs their awareness. And this may make them highly motivated to awaken to super-conscious states that will enable them to rapidly awaken to Self-Realization, cosmic consciousness, and God-realization.

Don't assume that because you are unhappy in this world that you have bad karma, or that you are not spiritually worthy, it could be that you are simply and naturally seeking higher states of awareness that you have formally known. The pain you experience is not due to your bad karma but a gentle nudge by your good karmas and mother nature to guide you to a higher understanding. 

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