Yoga Sadhana and Tantra Sadhana

Yoga sadhana and Tantra sadhana are both intertwined. Yoga is merging of our self into the supreme self and the paths are different like bhakti yoga, kriya yoga, kundalini yoga etc. Tantra understands the matrix of energies, which constitute the universe, take the help of those energies and become master of the universe.

Yoga: Yoga deals more with the clearing and stabilizing of the mind. This is done through different methods of meditations. Through different paths mind is purified. This helps in reducing many kleshas likes ignorance, ego, fears, attachments etc. It helps the seeker to systematically cultivate the power of concentration and move inwards in the process of meditation & deep absorption. Yoga helps the seeker to distinguish between the “Purusha”, the consciousness and “Prakriti”, the matter. This way the seeker gets to know the pure consciousness on one’s own being.

Tantra: Tantra deals with the energy system of our being, emphasizing with the creative aspect of our consciousness, the Shakti. It deals with balancing the internal energies of our chakras and also the flow in ida and pingala. This helps in opening the sushumna and also awakening the kundalini. The three cities of consciousness, of awakening, dreaming and deep sleep, is called Tripura. Tantra sadhana deals with deep replection and meditation on this Tripura while seeking to know the Shiva and Shakti, the latent and active aspect of manifestation.

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